Wednesday, 25th April 2018

republic of azerbaijan

Honorary Consul

Dr. Kristian Balzan Adv. Trib. Eccl. Melit., B.A., LL.M. (IMLI), LL.D.
67, East Street,

Tel: 21244540
Fax: 21244540

Email: [email protected]

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a presidential republic situated in the South-Caucasus region, at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Azerbaijan has an ancient and historical cultural heritage particularly in the areas of literature, music, architecture and visual arts. Following its restoration of independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in October, 1991, Azerbaijan has undergone an active process of development in various sectors of the economy and particularly in the energy sector. It is the aim of the Consulate to offer general information on Azerbaijan with a view of facilitating the ever-increasing contacts between the two countries and to extend its services to Maltese and Azeri nationals visiting the respective countries.
The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Malta was established in June, 2014.

Short CV

Dr. Kristian Balzan graduated B.A., (Legal & Humanistic Studies) in 2000 and a year later obtained his diploma of Notary Public from the University of Malta. Having graduated as a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.,) in 2003 he pursued his studies and in the same year obtained a Masters degree in International Maritime Law from The International Maritime Law Institute (IMO). Eventually in 2006 he also obtained a Diploma in Canonical Marriage Cases, Jurisprudence and Procedure at the Metropolitan Tribunal of Malta. Besides being in private legal practice, he has also been acting as Commissioner for Justice since 2006. Dr. Kristian Balzan is a member of the Chamber of Advocates (Malta) and a member of the Domestic Arbitration Panels (Malta Arbitration Centre).