Wednesday, 25th April 2018

sierra leone

Honorary Consul

Mr Joseph A. Dougall
99 “St. Anthony”, Lanzon Street, Tarxien TXN 1811

Tel: 21663208, 21693892
Fax: 21809763

Email: [email protected]

The Consulate for the Republic of Sierra Leone in Malta opened its doors in 1995.  Its main functions are to assist citizens for the Sending State, if and when they encounter problems in Malta, especially when they run in collision with the Law. Malta is en-route to the Magnet Area, namely Europe, from North Africa and some Sierra Leoneans do find themselves here by mistake. The Consulate is also fully engaged in economy diplomacy by offering Sierra Leone as a preferred low cost centre for businesses to open there and in assisting the Sending State by acquiring scholarships for nationals coming from that country.  The Consulate and volunteer staff try to participate fully to the many functions for which invitations are received, in order to promote a good name for the Sending State, Sierra Leone, including seminars, exhibitions, student activities, diplomatic functions and receptions in general.

Short CV

The Consulate is run by Joseph A. Dougall in his appointment as Honorary Consul, a position held since 1995.
Joe Dougall received his secondary education at St. Edwards College in Malta, ending his stay there in 1966.  In 1968 to 1979 he proceeded to the then MCAST Polytechnic in Msida, Malta, where various subjects of management were undertaken.  With the college closing down in 1971, he attended various short term courses organised by esteemed institutions like MISCO, METCO, etc. and eventually in 2010 graduated from DIPLOFOUNDATION, specialising in Consular Diplomacy.

Joseph A. Dougall is the CEO of the family run Dougall Tobacco Manufacturing Limited, now  in its 7th generation of a tradition of cigar making, targeting niche markets both locally as well as for export destinations. It being an original product made according to methods secretly guarded in the family it is sold as an original Maltese cheroot. He is also involved in linking up investors to African projects, and is well known in some financial circles abroad.