Wednesday, 25th April 2018


Honorary Consul General

Mr Nicholas A Baldacchino
84 “Villa Ika”, Good Shepherd Avenue, Balzan, BZN 1622

Tel: 21441063
Fax: 21441063

Email: [email protected]  

General activities of the Slovenian Consulate in Malta are as per Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963 and include:-

  • Exercise its functions under supervision of Embassy of Slovenia in Rome
  • Provide assistance to Slovenian citizens
  • Provide information about Slovenia, its economy, culture, science, education and sport
  • Notify the Embassy of any serious accident or death involving a Slovenian citizen or when taken in custody, sentenced to prison, involved in a criminal offence or subject to any violent measures
  • Upon instruction from Embassy, assist in searching for Slovenian citizens within Malta
  • Redirect requests toward the Embassy, if addressed in connection with a subject for which I am not competent
  • Not authorized to issue visas or to collect consular taxes
  • Communicate with competent Malta Authorities and apply the practice of the Receiving State in communication with the central authorities and follow instructions of the Slovene Embassy
  • Develop good relations with the Malta Authorities and attend receptions on the official occasions to which invited
  • Maintain close relations with all associations and their representatives, businesses, organisations and Maltese media that have contacts or special interest with Slovenia
  • Strive for good relations and cooperation with other consular officers and representatives of other countries and international organizations that have their seat in Malta and whose activities are connected with the Consulate
  • Maintain contacts with Slovenian citizens who live, study or work in Malta
  • Attend to Honorary Consuls’ meeting in Slovenia
  • Close cooperation with Honorary Consul for Malta in Slovenia

Short CV

Ing Nicholas A Baldacchino is a warranted Engineer and a Naval Architect and after being involved in the maritime industry for more than 40 years, and occupying the post of a Chief Executive for a leading international maritime and industrial Classification Society, is now retired.

In his later years, he has specialized in the role of a Lead Auditor in the Safety and Security Management as per international maritime regulations as well as Lead Auditor of ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems.

His profession has taken him to various countries around the world including UK, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and Spain. He has also provided consultancy to Malta Government and to the maritime industry, as well as held the role of Director in a number of parastatal companies.